With the new factory comes even wider possibilities for the production of crisps

We are pleased to announce that JSC „Ustukiu malunas“ will continue its production in the whole new factory! When Giedrius, the founder of JSC „Ustukiu malunas“, bought some land in the village of Ustukiai 20 years ago, he has a dream of a modern and functional factory that would one day be able to withstand the challenges of dynamic food production market. Since then the old vision, which seemed so impossible to reach, has become a reality: the vision of the main founder Giedrius was brought to life by his son Kipras, who is now in charge of the company. The knowledge, experience and long lasting traditions come from Giedrius, and Kipras has brought innovations and novelties to the table. The combination of olden traditions and modern outlook allows us to create exceptional products that we are always proud of.

The new factory is not only a new, modern building, but also a new equipment that allows us to increase efficiency in our production, simplify logistical tasks and, most importantly, expand the variety of our products. With these innovative technologies we are ready to implement the more and more complex projects and to operate successfully in the challenging food production market.

– Higher efficiency means lower costs, better quality, and faster production times. All this allows us to manufacture products with minimal waste of time, products, and other important resources. At the same time, these upgrades allow us to be even more successful and achieve our goals in Lithuanian and foreign markets. When manufacturing processes are truly efficient, we can produce more goods with fewer resources, which means better value for the consumer – and thus a greater competitive advantage in the market! In addition, “Ustukių malūnas” operates on the principles of circular economy, that means we have almost no production waste, so our production is particularly environmentally friendly.

– From now on, all our production processes are located under one roof! Together with the modern production technologies, we have also simplified the logistical tasks for our customers: when the entire production is situated under one roof, the customer can pick up their orders much faster and more efficiently.

– Along with the new technologies of the factory, the variety of products manufactured will also expand dramatically. Our food technologists work tirelessly to develop new modern products that are not only innovative and delicious, but also very beneficial to one’s health. Who wouldn’t like a snack, enriched with superfoods like lovely green spirulina or iodine-rich sea kale? New, modern, diverse, and tasty products will definitely find their way to the hearts of our fellow Lithuanians and will help us represent high-quality products to foreign markets.

Finally, this project also reflects our attitude towards our valued workers: the new factory is equipped with carefully premeditated facilities, ventilation systems and everything that is necessary for the comfort of our employees. Resting lounge, a functional canteen, parking spaces and other facilities have been created to make each day easier and more comfortable for our employees. More comfortable workplaces were also created for administrative personnel – every one of them were provided with an ergonomic, modern and comfortable workplaces that meet modern occupational safety requirements.

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